Nekopara thoughts from a lonely cynic

Nekopara – Thoughts From A Lonely Cynic

Nekopara - The 'Catgirl' Visual Novel Nekopara, is something of an... enigma. Not because it is the best VN's have to offer, though I do find it certainly isn't the worst... But because, it fills a niche. After all, where else do you get to open up a bakery with a loyal troupe of your [...]

Eromanga Sensei Review Peach's Almanac

REVIEW! – Eromanga Sensei (Why it’s so Terrible…)

Ah, Eromanga Sensei... where do I even start!? Synopsis: Eromanga Sensei, is the 'story' of 15-year-old Masamune - a light novel author. His utterly reclusive 12-year-old sister Sagiri, has - unbeknown to him - been the illustrator for his novels. The illustrations of which are 'lewd' (who actually uses that word...) The show focuses on [...]

Summer Anime 2017 – The Best

So, the spring season has just about come to a close. With it's most high-profile show Attack on Titan S2 having released its final episode. So, onto the Summer Anime season we go! The shows listed below are in no particular order per se, though the ones I feel may oust the others are positioned [...]

aku no hana creating atmosphere peachs almanac.jpg

Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil): Creating Atmosphere

I have never seen an anime like Aku no Hana, pretty much in every respect. There's something so singular about it - the way in which it presents itself on-screen. The beautiful real-world humanity that props up its characters. And, not to mention possibly the most noticeable thing, the use of the Rotoscpope animation style; [...]

Attack on Titan Season 2 Boring mediocrity

Attack on Titan Season 2 – Failing to Stand Out

Unpopular opinion incoming: I do not particularly like Attack on Titan (Season 2 especially...) HERESY! You say...! And, you might be right. Maybe... Currently AoT stands with a score of 8.69 on MAL. Something which I personally think is absolutely mental. And, before I go on, I want to say that I do not think [...]