About Peach’s Almanac

Good day to you, good sir or madam!

Some guy called Chris runs Peach’s Almanac. He’s from the eternally miserable and rainy UK. You could also say his psyche is made of the same stuff too.


I love writing and analysing. So, I thought I’d combine that with my love of anime. Expect reviews,  essays, and anything else that tickles me in all the right places. Look forward to my sometimes odd sense of humour, I’m sure you’ll all appreciate it to the ends of the Earth!

I hope you enjoy it here. Stick around. Comment and give me suggestions, I love talking with you peeps! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or enquiries! And, follow me on Twitter, I post actively on there – of some detriment to my dwindling sanity.


Posts are WEDNESDAYS, every week!


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(Unless otherwise stated all writing, graphics (Peach’s Almanac specific only), and any other content are my own work. Anything that is not will be credited to their respective creators.)