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Making Time For Anime/Content – University

So, that inevitable time has come… I have departed the safe lands, I have flown the nest… Well, it’s for the second time, but the first time is hereby destined to be: The Week That Shall Not Be Named. Let us hope the second shall not follow the same route. I need to make sure it doesn’t… for what is a content creator without an English/Creative writing degree…? 😀


And, so it begins…


Anyhow, enough of that doom and gloom, and onto – hopefully – greener pastures.

This is just an update on both my blog, and its content. As things stand currently, I highly doubt I will be able to stick with the bi-weekly Sunday/Wednesday schedule I have – barely – been keeping. This means that posts will come sporadically, whenever they are written and completed, free of any schedule.

This is not just because of the workload that comes with uni, which is at the moment, non-existent (but will start within the next two weeks) but also because of the incredible amount of anxiety it causes me, which horribly makes the writing a lot less smooth, and a lot less inspired. Not to mention it naturally lowers the time I have to watch shows, and keep up with the surrounding content regarding them.

By relaxing the schedule, it means I won’t feel forced into pushing out content twice a week that is of sub-par quality. Posts will be published when I am 95% happy with them – as they always are. I don’t want to compromise on this. Quality over quantity, as always.

You guys are great, I’m sure you’ll understand.


Food… the saviour of man!


Thanks for reading, as always! Stick with me on this one!

-Chris <3







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