attack on titan season 2 episode 1 review

Attack on Titan S2 – A Look at the First Episode

I’ll start by saying, that I was never truly a fan on Attack on Titan, not when considering the unusual amount of success it has received, and the enigmatic fan base that it has garnered over the past few years.

I originally watched Attack on Titan, not so long after it aired. It was at the time when I was first getting into watching anime shows. Movies had been present in my life before that, but not many shows preceded AoT, (you can see my anime history here.)

Maybe by saying this, I might ruffle a few feathers – I found the first season of AoT to be a little underwhelming, even overrated, (for lack of a better word). To be more specific: the lack of character dynamics and depth. No doubt, those feelings are just a product of my preferences – what I like, and what others don’t. However, it could have made much more headway in that regard. Though, that does not necessarily mean I think it’s bad…


The Season 2 Premiere

It’s the beginning of the Spring season, and with it some – hopefully – great animes. I’ll start out with this, the AoT Season 2 premiere.


attack on titan season 2 review

The ‘Wall Titan’


Alright, you’ll know that AoT isn’t my favourite anime, and maybe you’ll have read an earlier post about how much I enjoy Slice of Life. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate, or even enjoy other genres, it’s a matter of subject, rather than arbitrary definitions.

Most of all, I value well-developed, three-dimensional characters, not those that only exist as flag bearers for the plot, in rather bland and clichéd ways – enter AoT. Don’t misunderstand me, AoT’s plot is fine, I think the fantasy world it exists within is great. However, the characters that populate it fail to be even slightly interesting or likeable. To be honest, from the first season, I barely remember anyone specific at all; a few names here and there, but they mean nothing, and hold no weight. There are people out there who couldn’t care less about characters, about the decisive actions they could take, about the meaningful interactions they could have. They want the action, and the bloodshed, the NAPE CUTTING. I get it, I really do. It’s mindless, and that’s perfectly fine. At least AoT, doesn’t pretend to be anything that it isn’t in that regard.

Moving on, the aesthetic is admittedly beautiful – or maybe that’s the wrong word. It’s bold, and it’s grisly, and it works absolutely perfectly. The thick black lines that convey the boldness of the situation. The janky, chilling movements of the Titans – their utterly monstrous designs and ill-preportioned bodies.

That part of the show works, it just does. I won’t deny that.


attack on titan season 2 beast titan

The ‘Beast Titan,’ I’m intrigued…


I will watch the rest of the season. I am interested in its premise, despite its lack of meaningful content for someone who enjoys the things I do. I’ll cross my fingers, hopefully the things I do like about AoT will be enough for me to give it praise. Because it does have its moments – the actions scenes are brilliantly fluid and framed, I’ll give it that.

Relating the this episode specifically, I found it suffered from a lack of direction, of coherency in the storytelling – indulging in needless backstory. But, being the first episode, such is often the case. I will give it the benefit of the doubt, and wait for Ep.2 in a few days time, hoping that the good, gets better.

After it has finished airing, I will probably write-up a more in-depth review/analysis, going deeper into the good, and the bad parts.


How do you feel about Attack on Titan?

Thanks for reading, as always!

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0 thoughts on “Attack on Titan S2 – A Look at the First Episode

  1. Psychime says:

    Come on you remember that one titan that did that thing right?

    But yeah I thought it lacked a certain sense of cohesion, that 2 minute recap of season 1 doesn’t seem like the best way to please your core audience (who definitely already know that shit) after 4 years out, season 2 has an uphill climb and a short amount of time to recover wih only 12 episodes.

    • Chris says:

      Hairy- Fuck-The-Horse-Thrower? Or… 😀
      Yeah, you’re right. It almost felt a montage. It needed to be a little more linear. Though, I’ll be interested to see what’s to come. Maybe having only 12 episodes is a blessing. I remember S1 being full of filler, and random exposition that wasn’t truly needed. 🙂 🙂

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