Chocobo Square – Final Fantasy VII Guide Final Fantasy VII at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies Chocobo Stamina Trick in Final Fantasy 7 PS4 – Easily win ANY Chocobo Race! Final Fantasy VII (Platinum 100% Walkthrough) with Simon ——————————— Check out my Amazon Store for my product video reviews and even live […]

Dygma Raise Review A split gaming keyboard with many unique features, the Dygma Raise demands your time and focus, but gives a lot back in return. Is tenting your keyboard really THAT important? Dygma Raise Tenting Waiting List: 00:00 Intro00:25 What is hand pronation? What is tenting?01:02 1926-1977 History of Tenting Keyboards01:52 Companies and […]

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