Spring 2017 Anime

The Spring Anime Season of 2017 – So Far!

Spring 2017

I’ll be somewhat ashamed to admit that 2017’s Spring anime season is the first I have followed with some sense of dedication, and with some sense of understanding. Rather than watching shows here or there – there or here. I’ve just never had the motivation to stick with them for a decent amount of time; much like all other areas of my life, I suppose…

Anyway, aside from the depressing formalities…  let’s talk about this season – or, at least the part of it that has passed, and the anime that has begun. The ones that I will be continuing to watch, that is. Not to say any omitted from the list are unworthy, (Clockwork Planet is truly terrible!) only they are not to my – often picky – taste, or I have yet to see them.


Eromanga Sensei

Eromanga Sensei anime Sagri



I’m somewhat enamoured with Eromanga Sensei. Not necessarily because I think it is a great show, because it isn’t, and I fear it never will be. But because of the comparisons I draw to its ‘relative’ Oreimo. And… that is not to say I think Oreimo is a great show, but it certainly is an interesting one. There’s something about it that attracts me, something rather ambiguous that I can’t place my finger on.

If you’ve been reading, you’ll know that recently I’ve been posting about it a fair deal. Because, well… there’s a fair deal to talk about.

This is where Eromanga Sensei breaks onto the scene, using many of the traits that Oreimo explored, and many of the same themes too. Otherwise, it turns Kirino’s character on its head, giving us the ‘Dandere’ Sagiri, who is reclusive, and impossibly quiet.

I think it shows promise. It’s not original. It’s nothing new at all. Though, from the outset, it seems fun. It seems to provide a decent amount of entertainment value. And, for an anime of its kind, this is what it sets out to achieve. Sure, we might not take anything meaningful from it, but throughout, we will have a good time, and a few laughs. That’s what Eromanga Sensei is, something to indulge in after laying eyes upon something much heavier.

Lord help us if the end is anything like Oreimo – let us pray to the anime gods!

ATTack on Titan – Part 2

attack on titan season 2 beast titan episode 1 review

The ‘Beast Titan’


Ahh.. possibly one of the most… mainstream anime returning this season. (Not saying that negatively!)

The original AoT was one of my first shows, and at the time I really did enjoy it – purely for the top-notch entertainment value that it delivered in droves – something that it doesn’t forsake in its return.

Though, one thing that has always irked me is the lack of character depth, and the never-ending need for pointless exposition, which seems to be in lieu of genuine, natural character development. Instead, we flick back to the past, to be told information that we never needed to know – or that we could have known through meaningful interaction in the present.

This being said, I do like AoT. The premise and the world-building are top-notch, as are the visuals and overall aesthetic of the show. God, those Titans are downright creepy!

Another thing that it has going for it, are the brilliant opening and ending themes. Although, I suppose its soundtrack has always been a talking point. I particularly like the ED, it truly accentuates the chilling world in which the Titans exist, and the terrors that each and every human has to deal with, day in and day out.

I do think AoT could be better. And, I do not necessarily believe it is worthy of the staggering attention that is thrown its way. Yet, I will continue to enjoy it regardless. Anyway, that’s what it’s all about, right?


Tsuki ga Kirei

Tsuki ga Kirei anime

I adore the style!


Another Slice of Life… but why, you say!? Because I love it, that’s why! If you want to know why, you can check this out , here.

The first thing that strikes me with Tsuki Ga Kirei is the art style, especially the highlighting on faces. Here an there, I’ve seen people criticising this. Personally, I don’t see this as just. I think it only serves in adding to the already beautiful backgrounds and astounding  attention to detail. It is not something often seen, especially not with anime of such a casual tone.

It’s the characters that grab my heart so tightly. The ways in which they appear so natural; passionate, hesitant, on-guard – all emotions that are so tightly wound into humanity, yet ones we are not – often – hugely accustomed to in the exotic world that is anime.

One thing I do have to say, is that the quality of the animation occasionally seems a little… off. Not bad as such, but a little jarring for an anime with this kind of content. Nevertheless, this is just a minor irritant, nothing more. In all other aspects Tsuki Ga Kirei holds onto its alluring beauty.

Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest Anime Cast

Sakura Quest’s Cast


Following in my obsession with Slice of Life anime, I knew from the outset that I would love this show. It’s all the things that tickle my fancy! It’s surreal, and it’s humourous. It’s written well, and it looks great.

What instantly stood out, are the character designs – the way in which each character is set aside from the others. I often feel that – in anime – we are handed a ‘standard’ set of characters that fill ‘standard’ roles. They all look alike. They all act alike. Sakura Quest isn’t that. It’s buoyant with its use of personal identity, and it’s malleable with its reliance on well-established archetypes. More importantly, I truly identified with its characters, and their diverse attributes. I found honest emotion in their expressive facial animations. In this respect, the industry could learn many things from Sakura Quest.

The premise is simple, as are it’s visuals. In fact, the animation is excellently smooth. Though, you wouldn’t expect anything less from P.A. Works.

I feel, due it its heavy quirkiness, it won’t be for everybody – it’s exactly for me! I just hope that throughout its 25 episodes, it doesn’t stagnate and lose the vitality it has early on. That would be a shame for a show like Sakura Quest that outpours so much soul.

The OP’s pretty great too!

World’s End

world's end anime review loli lolis

Four of the… um… children


Taking the soundtrack competition by storm with the traditional English folk ballad, ‘Scarborough Fair,’ World’s End, is looking to be something of a dark horse this season; coming out of nowhere.

To be honest, I don’t have a great deal to talk about regarding Suka Suka, it is the type of show that I am not inherently, or quickly drawn to. Yet, after a number of episodes, it has subtlety drawn me in. This is no doubt thanks to the awesomely cute cast of… um Weapon Children… Though, not to forget that the story seems to have some real weight behind it. There are high stakes, and also some touching moments. The characters aren’t anything new, neither are they spectacular in any way whatsoever – do they have to be?

It’s full of clichés and relatively gratuitous fan-service. Though, with an anime of this kind, I don’t think that’s such a terrible thing. So long as the plot and other aspects hold up, that is. If it can stay on course in the coming episodes, I really think it could stand up to the critical world of anime viewers. And, as long as it keeps certain areas under modest control, I don’t see why it shouldn’t.


– An honourable mention to My Hero Acedemia Season 2. Only because I haven’t finished watching S1 yet…

What about all you lovely people? What are you enjoying this season? Anything stand out in particular?

Thanks for reading, as always!

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