Summer Anime 2017 – The Best

So, the spring season has just about come to a close. With it’s most high-profile show Attack on Titan S2 having released its final episode. So, onto the Summer Anime season we go!

The shows listed below are in no particular order per se, though the ones I feel may oust the others are positioned closer to the top. I haven’t included any returning shows, or sequels – just to keep things super crisp and fresh.

All synopses are taken (robbed) from MAL

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Made in Abyss

“The enormous cave system, known as the Abyss, is the only unexplored place in the world. Nobody knows how deep down goes this titanic pit, inhabited by strange and wondrous creatures and full of mysterious ancient relics which purpose in unknown to modern man. Generations of bold adventurers have been drawn by the cryptic depths of the Abyss. In course of time those bold enough to explore the dangerous pit came to be known as “Cave Raiders.”

In Oosu, the town at the edge of the Abyss, there lives a little orphan named Rico, who dreams of becoming as great a cave raider as her mother was and solving the great mystery of the pit. One day exploring the murky depths she stumbles upon a little boy, who turns out to be a robot…”


Made nin Abyss best summer anime 2017

Ohhh… I LIKE IT!


From the coming season, this is truly the only show that I feel something substantial for. The premise sounds unique and refreshing. The visuals and art-direction look stunning and don’t contribute in  any way to what I like to call the cancerous Kirito Effect. I feel like the season needs something a little different, especially after all those that aired in Spring (of which some were great… others, not so much…) I have massively high hopes for made in abyss. As always, I pray that the world, and the narrative/characters are as good as the visuals. If they are, we may be onto a winner!


Koi to Uso

“Lies are forbidden and love is doubly forbidden. In the near future, when young people in Japan turn sixteen, they are assigned a marriage partner by the government. People don’t have to go through the trouble of looking for someone, and everyone accepts that the country will find a compatible partner to make them happy. Yukari Nejima is fifteen years old. He lives in a small corner of the country, and just can’t seem to get ahead in life. Both academically and athletically he’s below average. But within him, he hides a heart burning with passion! In this world in which love is forbidden, what will happen to him when he falls in love?”


Koi to Uso best summer anime 2017

I like the idea.

Though, I’m finding it difficult to be sure exactly what Koi no Uso actually is. I’m all for the Slice of Life themes, and the apparent element of mystery. Admittedly, the character designs don’t look massively promising, but if everything else is at least good, this won’t be a problem. I find, you can never have too many well-done romance shows. Throw in a little sci-fi, a little coming-of-age, and you have something I’m instantly curious of. Whether it can set itself apart from shows of a similar tone/setting, is to be seen.


The Reflection(….?)

“After THE REFLECTION, some of the people in all parts of the world are discovered with super powers.
Some become heroes, and others villains.
How did the Reflection happen? What was the cause of it?
With many unsolved mysteries, the world is lead into turmoil.”


The Reflection summer season 2017 anime

Looks interesting, right?


I wasn’t sure whether I’d slipped into an LSD induced coma when I can across this one… Stan Lee? Anime? Is this real life? Now, I don’t have any particular affinity to Stan Lee – I’m no comic/Marvel buff, but I appreciate his work nonetheless.  So, this seems mega interesting. I’m unsure as to what form it’s going to take. It is a Japanese production led by Studio DEEN, and directed by Hiroshi Nagahama (known for Mushishi and Aku no Hana) Stan Lee actually has worked with anime before – Heroman and Ultimo (manga). From one of the PVs the art-style appears very Marvel-esque, and distinct. A breath of fresh air, that I think the anime industry is in need of right now. I cross my fingers, and hope The Reflection will be something great.



“This is a story that revolves around certain students and one hobby. Amano Keita is our lonely protagonist who has a passion for gaming and is friends with Uehara Tasuku, who is secretly a fellow gamer and is someone who believes his life is perfect. We also have Karen Tendou, the club president of the video games club and Chiaki Hoshinomori, who constantly bickers with Keita. This is a story filled with a non-stop sequence of comedy scenes and misunderstandings. Our chaotic romantic comedy now begins!”


Gamers! summer season anime 2017

…Maybe… something?


Another comedy/romance/slice of life show. I will be honest, there doesn’t seem to be anything stand-out about Gamers! It seems to be exactly as it presents itself, which of course isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It only means that it bas to be fundamentally ‘better’ than other shows that follow a similar route. For there are so many shows akin to Gamers! that are essentially empty – devoid of personality and creativity.

I couldn’t find a PV/Trailer for this, so as of yet, I’ll remain skeptical.


Princess Principal

“The stage is set during the 19th century London, in its capital where a wall divides the east and west of the Kingdom of Albion. Five high school girls, who enrolled in the prestigious Queens May Fair School, are involved in spy activities that involve disguise, infiltration, car chase, and more. These girls take advantage of their special abilities and fly around the shadow world.”


Princess Principal anime 2017 summer season

The setting is appealing.


I’m all for the setting, and aesthetic for this one. I’m somewhat endeared to the ‘Victorian’ visuals, and the slightly steampunk themes. It feels dark(ish), and brooding. Sometimes I feel the all-girl cast thing is overused, and done badly too many times. It would be nice to see it done well in a non-indulgent way. I hope of that from this show. The fantasy element might make things interesting, especially if it can mask itself known amongst so many other shows who do the same things, if not necessarily in the same ways.



“Hyakkaou Private Academy. An institution for the privileged with a very peculiar curriculum. You see, when you’re the sons and daughters of the wealthiest of the wealthy, it’s not athletic prowess or book smarts that keep you ahead. It’s reading your opponent, the art of the deal. What better way to hone those skills than with a rigorous curriculum of gambling? At Hyakkaou Private Academy, the winners live like kings, and the losers are put through the wringer. But when Yumeko Jabami enrolls, she’s gonna teach these kids what a high roller really looks like!”


Kakegurui summer anime season 2017

The characters look… nice…?


I’m not exactly sure how I feel about Kakegurui, mostly because of how it isn’t my thing. Though, it’s here nonetheless, if only in hope of what it will it not be.  Still, the things that draw me in are the character designs, and the seemingly eccentric nature of the show; essentially, the madness the characters appear to outpour in droves. They are themes I like, themes that if grounded in reality and reason, can really propel a show forward. I’ll cross my fingers, and see if Kakegurui plays its cards right, (ha….)


Honourable Mentions

Konbini Kareshi (Slice of Life tickles me in the right spots, so… we’ll have to see.)

Clione no Akari (the art looks a little rough, I’m still interested though.)



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