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REVIEW! – Eromanga Sensei (Why it’s so Terrible…)

Ah, Eromanga Sensei... where do I even start!? Synopsis: Eromanga Sensei, is the 'story' of 15-year-old Masamune - a light novel author. His utterly reclusive 12-year-old sister Sagiri, has - unbeknown to him - been the illustrator for his novels. The illustrations of which are 'lewd' (who actually uses that word...) The show focuses on [...]

The attraction of Eromanga Sensei anime

The ‘Attraction’ of Eromanga Sensei

  Eromanga Sensei - Entertainment? I'll admit it, I... enjoy Eromanga Sensei. However, I don't think - in any sense - it's a great show...  it probably isn't even a good one. And yet, it keeps pulling me back after each episode... for a reason that is slightly lost on me. Almost as if it shouldn't [...]