Pom Poko Environmental Resonance

Pom Poko – Environmental Resonance

  Pom Poko was within the first ten or twenty anime movies I ever watched, many, many moons ago. And, one I have loved ever since. It's one of those slightly underrated Studio Ghibli movies that don't get talked about all that often, or that is to say, nowhere near the level that the others [...]

Spirited away studio ghibli youth

Spirited Away, Studio Ghibli, and Youth

As far as I know, Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away was the very first anime I watched. Well... maybe that's not strictly true. When I was a kid, there was Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. But... I'm inclined not to include them. For what better place to start than with Ghibli and its auteur Hayao Miyazaki. I'll start [...]