KRM-262 – Call of Duty: Black Ops III Guide


KRM-262 – Call of Duty: Black Ops III Guide

The KRM-262 is a pump-action shotgun. It will kill anyone with a single shot in close range. However, the damage quickly drops

Black Ops 3 Gold Gun Guides :: KRM-262 – 66 kills on Breach

Good morning you beautiful people! Today we take a look at the most typical shotgun Black Ops 3 has to offer, enjoy! Join the Krunker community and play against other players at

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KRM-262 | Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 | Gun Guide


I’m gonna be walking you through every gun in Black Ops 3. Here is the KRM-262 Shotgun.

Massive thank you to my friend Jack for helping me get the gameplay from the Beta! Check out his channel :3

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Black Ops 3: KRM-262 Dark Matter Guide! (DMG #1)

Welcome to the first episode of DMG (Dark Matter Guides) where we will be covering the pump action KRM-262. This shotgun requires a few different challenges (found below) including the easiest being one shot one kill medals. Even though you need to be super close in core game modes to get a successful one shot it is still possible to do so without stepping foot in hardcore. Make sure to leave your own tips down below in the comment section as well to assist others that may need more help!

KRM-262 Challenge List
5 One Shots – Jungle Tech
10 One Shots – Ash
15 One Shots – Flectarn
20 One Shots – Heat Stroke
30 One Shots – Snow Job
40 One Shots – Dante
50 One Shots – Integer
75 One Shots – 6 Speed
100 One Shots – Policia
10 Revenge Medals – Ardent
50 Kills No Attachments – Burnt
50 Kills 5 Attachments + Optic – Bliss
2 Rapid kills 5 times – Battle
5 kills without dying – Chamelon
All camo unlock – Gold
All Shotguns Gold – Diamond
All Diamond Camouflage – Dark Matter

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